DENTAL-IMPLANTPatients who have lost a tooth (or multiple teeth) have a number of treatment options for replacing that tooth. Increasingly, patients are opting for dental implants, which offer longevity and stability that is unparalleled by other tooth replacement devices.

Dental implants are superior because they come as close to being a structurally complete tooth as possible. The implant itself, which is a titanium post, essentially functions as the missing root. Over the course of several months after it is inserted into the jaw, the implant fuses with the bone. That “root” then secures the prosthetic crown, or multiple implants can be used to anchor an entire upper or lower denture.

The structural characteristics of dental implants give the devices many advantages, both functionally and aesthetically. Dental implants last longer than alternatives like bridges and dentures, and they look more natural, too. Because they are connected to the jawbone, dental implants also are more effective at chewing, nearly matching the functioning of biological teeth.

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